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What does an ‘agency’ do for its clients? We’re not entirely sure. Sure, we work in ways that are reminiscent of agency practice, we do stuff that people would call agency work but we’re pretty sure the traditional agency no longer exists (or won’t soon). We’re thinkers, planners, builders, writers, musicians, photographers and coordinators who conceive and create experiences to assist our clients in connecting with their stakeholders. We ignore traditional boundaries to exploit possibility. Every project is a fresh approach built by people with great ideas and the enthusiasm to dig deeper. We are brand stewards that diligently apply experience and insight everyday to help clients build their businesses through branding, advertising, experiential marketing and interactive solutions.

Background [+]

Drive Creative Group is comprised of two of the region’s most successful creative brands. Seed began in 2002 and maintained a boutique approach to process and solutions. Their success is evident in the calibre of clients it has attracted and the latitude provided by each to develop award-winning creative solutions. Experienced senior practitioners have always taken their commitment to high-level strategic thinking seriously and personally as partners with our clients. Creative Donkeys also began early in the new millennium with Kawasaki. Hard work and dedication to this enviable national brand led to great opportunities including the primary website which continues to evolve today.

Late in 2011, we saw the value in bringing together two organizations equally committed to growth and development through exceptional client service and high-calibre thinking. We are right-sized, capable, responsive, committed and accountable with a team of diversely skilled, cross-trained communications people – each of whom are genuinely passionate about helping other people.

Friends [+]

We are proud to surround ourselves with clients and practitioners that have become friends over the years. Located across Ontario, Canada and all over North America, this expanded network is comprised of trusted partners that work with us to build excellence in each and every adventure. Achieving this level of trust in our relationships has delivered unexpected opportunities through cross-pollination and shared knowledge.

Professional Affilliations

Goals [+]

The business of commercial creativity isn’t an easy one. The hours are long, the challenges can be daunting and there’s always an opinion on the horizon to deflate what is created. In such a subjective business, you’d think that survival would be modus operandi. Strangely, the subjective nature of our days does not affect our thinking. As people with ideas, our goals are to ensure that nothing stifles the flow of said ideas. While some believe their every idea is a $10 000 idea, we prefer a goal of producing 10 000 $1 ideas. Why would we subject ourselves to such rigour? Simply, all those disposable and low-value thoughts along the path to the big one are where the concepts mature. This is where the zigs and zags of ‘open source thinking’ makes the team and the ideas better.



Immersive research. National-calibre talent. Intuition and
understanding. We build connections that strengthen your
brand with value and integrity. ROI-based solutions that
are not only relevant and memorable – but appropriate.

Print [+]

Print is beautiful to us. It’s tangible and flexible, delivering a tactile and visceral experience. Whether you’re into Sunday morning reading with tea and spa music or escaping into news on the commute, print is an experience that will never be replaced by more convenient delivery of data. Our team has a wealth of experience in print – from advertising to collateral and direct mail design, to trade shows and packaging - and everything in between. And while the end of print is forecast with amusing regularity, insiders know that just because we've changed the way we consume information doesn’t mean that print doesn’t play a critical role in integrated marketing strategies and effective brand building.

print sample

Branding [+]

While an often misunderstood terminology, most corporate marketing managers now accept that a logo is not a brand; nor is any other singular tangible element. Simply, it is perception: of your company, its products, of its people and its services. Clients come to us to assist in the creation, planning and management of strategies in order to grow their brand. Brand equity, value and presence are the currency in which we work to help business grow market share, its profile within the industry it operates and its goodwill within the social context. We’ve had the opportunity to work as brand stewards for some of North America’s most enviable companies and through this experience we have gained valuable insights that we apply to each new client challenge. Whether a small business, a Fortune 500 corporation, non-profit, institution or governmental operation, our team delivers thinking that defines who a company is to their customers that differentiates the company from its competitors and communicates the unique value the company provides.

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Web [+]

The online world is not only an extension of your brand, it is the first point of contact with many of your clients. As an integral part of your business, if not the most prominent interaction, it requires the attributes of effective marketing along with the functionality of current development technologies. Effectively executed, it is a beautiful marriage of code and communication design. Poorly planned, it can be a frustrating experience that drives potential relationships to your competitors. We don't profess to be web purists. Our team has exceptional experience in development and familiarity with several content management systems, technologies and frameworks – particularly Zend. Everyday, we explore the changing landscape of development technologies, the shifting channels and emerging trends like location-based marketing, social personalization, social marketing and ROI – and SEO. So, while code is a significant part of our knowledge base, in the end we are communicators and creative people, technical and innovative who utilize all our collective and diverse assets to create successful solutions for our clients. This, we believe, gives us an advantage over strictly web practitioners.

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Advertising [+]

We strive to offer whole brain solutions and generate concepts that resonate at every phase of an integrated marketing campaign. With consumption habits and platforms changing at lightning speed, quality content is more critical than ever. Fortunately, we excel at drawing inspiration from what’s going on around us and have a track record of successful problem-solving and exceeding expectations. Only through the appreciation of analytical and aesthetic thinking can we apply knowledge and understanding of both client and audience. From our work with some wonderfully open-minded Fortune 50 clients, we've learned a great deal about reaching an audience. It is this experience that we employ with every campaign, regardless of the scale or medium. As a total creative services provider, our team delivers memorable, strategically sound ROI-based advertising on a daily basis, deployed to the appropriate channels to achieve measurable results.

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Venn Advisory [+]

We do a lot of marketing strategy work for top firms across the country. But when it came to doing our own marketing, we needed to find a team we could trust to be both creatively excellent, and that shared our understanding of what successful marketing looks like and how it behaves. We weren’t sure we were going to be able to find that, but were thoroughly relieved when we spent some time with Rob, Jeff and Kristen at Seed. They are our partner. No, not the fluffy “we like to work together” version (although we do). No, I mean the real thing. They get us, they do great work, they have a sense of humour and they’re willing to behave like the experts they are. Stop wasting your time checking out the options – choose Seed and get your projects done.

Business Advisor & President, Venn Advisory

AT&T [+]

My experience working with Creative Donkeys began in 2002 when I was with Kawasaki. It didn’t take long after starting my current position at AT&T Advertising and Publishing for me to realize that I once again needed the services of the Donkeys.

The work provided to us by Creative Donkeys team is of such value because it is delivered at the same level of quality work provided to us by our agency (BBDO) but at a more reasonable price and with great turnaround times. The relationship between Creative Donkeys and myself, my co-workers and manager that has developed over the years, has given me the confidence to recommend them to other AT&T product group managers that are in need of a creative partner. They bring a professional, friendly and high energy level to the table—and the quality of work always meets or surpasses my expectation.

Manager, Product Analyst, AT&T Advertising & Publishing


I’ll make this short. Creative Donkeys have made my life easier. Implementing new technology as an Ontario Ministry of Agriculture specialist, I think anyway, is expected, but it can be difficult to do in an effective, timely manner within a large internal government organization. Going directly to Creative Donkeys to develop new programs has been a godsend for me as weed management lead in the field crops division of OMAFRA. Creative Donkeys gets agriculture—and they know how to take the nuts and bolts and build something that works for farmers.

All of our projects have been successful and now I’ve set the bar pretty high – thanks to the help of Creative Donkeys. Sites like weedpro75.com, weedinfo.ca, tillageontario.com are delivering the tools farmers in Ontario need from an unbiased source. It’s great to have Creative Donkeys as a resource to deliver successful projects in a complicated world.

Weed Management Lead, Field Crops, The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA)


We spend our days creating experiences. To entice thought,
infuse and enlighten...soliciting action and provoking resistance.
Together, we find a way to share and relate.  

Leadership [+]

We use the term lightly. Our culture has been built on flat hierarchy and self-empowerment as we truly believe that surrounding ourselves with capable, motivated friends is the best way to build the brain trust. Naturally, the combined wisdom of the Principals provides guidance based on their experience in several mid-sized and multinational agencies, but on the whole we are about passing around the steering wheel as each challenge dictates.

Dan O'Shea
Director of Client Services

Rob Carter
Director of Creative Services

Accounts [+]

These are the people with the biggest ears in the company. They don’t ‘manage’ clients, they provide the blank sheet of paper to capture the details; the hot coffee when it’s most needed or take the rush phone call at 5pm on the Friday of a long weekend. The Account team are the front lines people that make sure every need of each client is accounted for and acted on. Patient and pragmatic, each of them brings different experience to the unique challenges that our clients present. Add to that a variety of personalities, life experience and education levels and we’ve achieved a genuine anthropological soup that seems to work. Some things we don’t question, we’re just glad they work.

Creative [+]

What is creative? Who isn’t creative? The truth is we’re all creative. We all have a unique perspective and a million dollar idea laying about, but it’s experience and insight that knows how to recognize and capture it. It won’t be forced and you can’t plan it, but you can find a team that knows how to foster, corral and develop good creative. A team that is ready to receive the brain waves, day after day, year after year. It takes quality experience and we’re fortunate to have one of the most effective and consistent teams around. Phew. Certainly, many people can come up with a concept or the occasional flashy headline. But make it good, every time, for a diverse mix of clients? That’s a not-so-abundant resource that we work hard to keep fresh and effective. From plucking the brightest students, to interns and co-ops: our team is collaborative, committed, engaged and always working towards the best, coolest and most-effective solutions to build bridges with an audience.

Web [+]

We don’t consider ourselves web purists. We're multi-disciplinary coders. Communicators and problem solvers first working strategically and creatively, and then employing the digital solution that suits the needs. From architecture to Zend, our web team invest themselves into coding that works across any platform to address many unique challenges and opportunities presented by our increasingly wired lifestyle. We are a collection of people who help other people. And web is one of the ways we do that. And while this discipline has certainly overshadowed many traditional activities in the world we live in, you can rest assured that first and foremost our web solutions will put strategy and creative first to create quality content and engaging web experiences.

Digital Services [+]

Whether your audience is looking for a product, service or information, or for a job or an experience, the vast majority of queries will use a search engine to find out something about you or to reach an end destination product or service. We make sure you’re there. The web-based business audience is no longer the lower margin and not being found quickly in today’s attention deficit, time-crunched society can cost you and your company significantly. While it isn’t exactly rocket-science, for most of us it’s about one step short, so we leave that kind of stuff to our pros. Search Engine Optimization will increase your website’s visibility so that any user can find you when they need to. As a valuable part of an integrated media strategy, SEO ensures that your brand is present, and in conjunction with exceptional content – effective.

Multimedia [+]

We are fortunate to have some great friends that enjoy rich, sensory experiences in full colour action. Add in the perfect soundtrack and we get to have a little fun with sound and motion. Our experience has touched on video and radio production and online video presentations. Whether you need 22 minutes of sound and video to sell your Dealer conference, presentation graphics or corporate brand videos – our team are well-versed at organizing your vision and launching it with our thinking.

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